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Build your capacity to end violence by accessing our services for individuals, students, community groups, educators, service providers, organizations, planners, developers and institutions.

Training, presentations, courses, workshops for service providers, communities, youth …

Consultation services for safety, Safety Audits, equity, and violence prevention

Legal information for women, youth, and service providers

Tools and resources: downloadable, print materials, games and apps

Consultation services

We provide consultation services including:

  • Safety Audits and assessments for campuses, workplaces and new and revitalized spaces
  • Equity and violence prevention policy and practice review and digital project development

Contact us about your needs. Email [email protected] or call 416-392-3135.

Legal information

Online information and resources on family law for women: visit the Family Law Education for Women (FLEW) website

Online information on topics related to women and youth experiencing violence: visit the Ontario Women’s Justice Network website

For legal information questions: contact us at [email protected] or 416-392-9138. Note: we do not provide legal advice or representation. If you need legal advice, contact a lawyer or a community legal clinic. You may also contact Legal Aid Ontario to find out if you are eligible for free legal services. We can assist you with these and other resources.

Presentations, trainings, courses, and workshops

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