Building safety from violence at work can be complicated. We facilitate dialogue between employees, managers, clients and other key people to promote responsive, violence and harassment-free workplaces and service environments.

Where we work

Hospitals, organizations, institutions and more

Key factors explored

Policies and practices, physical features, accessibility, services/goods, public interactions, human resources, interpersonal dynamics, programs

How it works

Collaboration: we consult with space users and employees

Policy and practices: we identify what works and areas for strengthening

Needs and assets: we consult with key staff to learn about needs and assets

Safety assessments: we help space users and employees identify unsafe “hot spots” and discuss solutions

Report: we develop comprehensive recommendations for implementation

Workplace safety story

PASAN has had the privilege of utilizing the services of METRAC for a Safety Audit on two occasions … [we were] able to accommodate needed changes, advocate for changes to our landlord and facilitate our community members to gain better access to our space through the support of METRAC.” (Anne Marie DiCenso, Executive Director, PASAN)