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We offer training, consultation and learning events to build the capacity of individuals and organizations to promote equity and inclusion. We apply a gender analysis, safety framework and non-discrimination lens in this critical work.

Notable initiatives

Where we work

Community and healthcare service environments, schools, campuses, institutions, workplaces, campaigns

Key factors explored

Equity and inclusion frameworks, relevant legislation and policies, anti-oppression framework, intersectionality and integrative thinking, cultural competency, social ecological model, interconnections with gender, safety and violence prevention issues

Training: we train organizations and institutions on equity, inclusion, discrimination and harassment prevention.

Digital design: we develop digital content for games and apps that address equity and violence prevention issues.

Policy: we review institutional and governance policies and practices and make recommendations to bolster equity and safety.

“[METRAC is] one of the best organizations independent of government, business, industry, to advance anti-oppression holistic interdisciplinary framework to deal with violence against women and girls.” (Community stakeholder)