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The TransFormed Project: Addressing Partner Violence from Two-Spirit, Nonbinary and Trans Perspectives is a bilingual, community-based research and action initiative led by METRAC: Action on Violence in partnership with the Centre Francophone. The Project’s goal is to remove barriers to health care and social services for Two-Spirit, Nonbinary and Trans survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV). This collaborative project brings together community members affected by IPV, researchers, health and social sector professionals of multi-service agencies with mandates to address IPV through prevention and intervention strategies.

A Special Note of Appreciation

METRAC honours and acknowledges the generous support of The Public Health Agency of Canada and the City of Toronto. The work undertaken through the TransFormed Project could not have been accomplished without your support, for which we are deeply grateful.

TransFormed Symposium

On November 24-26, 2020, the TransFormed Project held a Virtual Symposium launching innovative research and resources and hosting informative discussion with a guest panelists and members of our Peer Leadership Group and Advisory Committee Members. Recordings of the Symposium and notes are available here:

TransFormed Webinars

The TransFormed Project has created two educational webinars designed to build service provider capacity in providing affirming, supportive services to Two-Spirit, nonbinary and trans survivors of violence. These webinars were created with the support of our Peer Leadership Group and Advisory Committee members.

Trans Youth Resources

Consult our resources

Health Promotion Tools & Resources

The TransFormed Project has developed a series of health promotion tools and resources for service providers and Two-Spirit, nonbinary, and trans community members resulting directly from our research findings and guidance from our Peer Leadership Group. These resources will support you and/or your organization in integrating the vital changes needed to address barriers and increase access to affirming supportive services, as recommended by Two-Spirit, nonbinary and trans individuals themselves.

The Peer Leadership Group

Comprised of 8 individuals from Two-Spirit, Nonbinary and Trans communities holding many different and intersecting identities of lived experiences which have richly informed the TransFormed Project throughout this phase. A very special note of appreciation to the Peer Leadership Group whose exemplary guidance and dedication to the TransFormed Project from its start to the end of this first phase has been the foundation of the project’s success.

  • Eva Simone (she/her)
  • Faelix Kayn (they/them)
  • Keisha Corothers (she/her)
  • Maiesha Zarin (they/them)
  • Susan Gapka (she/her/elle)
  • Tala Jalili (no pronoun/any pronoun)
  • Ve Tao (they/them)

Project Steering Group

Special thanks to the following individuals and organizations for their contributions to the Project Steering Group:

  • Wendy Komiotis
  • Laura Hartley
  • Marion Newrick
  • Tatiana Ferguson (Project Coordinator)
  • Maiesha Zarin (Project Coordinator)
  • Dr. Ilene Hyman (Researcher-Online Survey)
  • Carolina Gana
  • Sizwe Inkingi
  • Mouloud Benkahla
  • The Knowledge Hub

Thank you to the members of our Advisory Committee

Our Advisory Committee is made up of representatives from the following organizations who shared their knowledge and expertise with us throughout the project.