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We provide legal information and education for vulnerable women and community service providers. Our goal is to increase access to justice and help women and youth navigate the legal system and understand how it works by providing plain language legal information resources and trainings. We explain the law’s impact on women and youth experiencing violence and their legal rights and options.

Notable initiatives

  • Helped make law better for women impacted by Family Law, sexual assault and criminal harassment/stalking (1990s-present)
    Intervener in key case law with respect to women experiencing violence (2012, 2013)

Where we work

Community centres, shelters, drop-ins, online

Key areas of law

Criminal law, including sexual assault and domestic violence; family and child protection law; immigration law affecting women; harassment and human rights law

Online legal information

Family Law Education for Women campaign

We administer the English language Family Law Education for Women (FLEW) campaign to help women understand their rights and options under Ontario Family Law and other areas of law affecting women and families. The Law Commission of Ontario considers FLEW a promising practice for its innovative methods of delivering web-based legal information.

Ontario Women’s Justice Network website

Our Ontario Women’s Justice Network website provides legal information for women, youth, service providers, people who work in law and law students on topics related to women and youth experiencing violence.

Legal training impact story

Iqra’s story

“Working for the Community Justice Program (CJP) at METRAC was a wonderful experience” Iqra says, noting that the organization provided the perfect environment to expand her knowledge on violence against women. She is motivated by social justice issues, and says she has walked away “with a deeper appreciation for access to justice initiatives”.

Sophie’s story

“During my time volunteering with METRAC I have become more conscious of issues related to access to the legal system, and the ways that students and lawyers can contribute to breaking down barriers. [METRAC] has given me a critical perspective to consider when learning about the complexity of the legal system [in law school]. Seeing the passion of the METRAC team and student volunteers towards empowering women and youth with information about their legal rights has truly been inspiring.”