Annual Report 2015

Opening text: “In 2015, METRAC marked its 30th Anniversary with reflections on our triumphs, disappointments, and future. Since 1984, when METRAC was formed, we have made significant progress in achieving our mission – from co-founding a program for training community counsellors at George Brown College; to making public transit safer; to replicating METRAC’s Safety Audit Best Practice across the globe; to producing and disseminating award-winning resources for promoting safety and preventing violence; and to advancing policy and law to protect the safety and rights of ALL women and youth. Over the years, METRAC has worked with groups at highest risk of harm caused by gender-based violence – Indigenous women, women with disabilities, young women, racialized women, women who identify as LGBTQ2S, and immigrant and newcomer women. Despite these important successes, gender-based violence continues to be an epidemic within society. METRAC’s work is far from over; we must continue working to shift attitudes and behaviours of those who do harm, and to work for changes within a larger system and culture that upholds this violence.”

Released: 2016

Length: 17 pages

Language: English