Annual Report 2016

Opening Text: ” This year’s annual report highlights the steps METRAC is taking in its journey towards achieving organizational excellence and impact across Ontario.In a single year, we initiated the implementation of a new Strategic Planning Cycle for 2016-2019, to move METRAC forward in the most effective way. We completed an evaluation of our Community Safety Audit; marked the 15th anniversary of the ReAct youth prevention program; co-launched several new legal information resources for Deaf women and women living with HIV; and faced the resignation of Andrea Gunraj, METRAC’s Program Director, whose demonstrated contribution to METRAC for 16 years is beyond exemplary. 2016 was the Year of Program Evaluation at METRAC. We learned that React youth program’s theory of change works in practice to successfully boost weekly Afterschool program participants’ self-esteem; increase their awareness and knowledge of healthy relationships; and strengthen their problem-solving and communication skills. We gained these insights through our participation in a Canada-wide evaluation of Teen Healthy Relationship Programs funded and led by Canadian Women’s Foundation and we thank them for their generous support. “

Released: 2017

Length: 15 pages

Language: English