Confronting Lesbian Abuse booklet

Addresses barriers and myths lesbian women facing abuse experience.

Available as a free download or you can order printed copies. In English and French.

Opening text: “This pamphlet is designed to increase understanding
of lesbian abuse, and to offer suggestions for all concerned with abuse in lesbian relationships. Until recently, the existence of violence in lesbian relationships has rarely been openly discussed. The silence around lesbian abuse has been maintained by a variety of factors; homophobia (fear and prejudice about homosexuality), heterosexism (the assumption of heterosexuality leading to the invisibility of lesbians and gay men), an unwillingness to believe that women could hurt other women, and several myths surrounding lesbians and lesbian abuse. Regardless of the reasons for the silence, the time has come to bring the issue ‘out of the closet’.”

Released: 2007

Length: 11 pages

Language: English and French

Funding provided by the Government of Ontario