Creating a Violence Prevention Video Game: Literature Review and Research Summary for METRAC’s RePlay Project report


On video game theories and gender-based violence. Summary of research conducted with Ontario youth to create the RePlay/ReJouer on healthy relationships.

Opening text: “This Literature Review and research summary examine ideas about violence in mainstream video games, the educational potential of video games, as well as video game preferences and practices of Ontario’s youth. They examine literature and research about the impact of video games on young players, grounding it in an analysis of games, learning theories, and a systemic analysis of violence and power in society – particularly sexism and violence against women and girls. The Review discusses current non-entertainment and/or educational games, outlining some examples of video games as tools for learning and, in particular, tools for social change.”

Released: 2008

Length: 45 pages

Language: English

Funding provided by the Government of Ontario