Don’t Make Me Repeat Myself! A Peer Educator’s Advocacy Training Manual for Youth on Gender-Based Violence

For youth on gender-based violence, advocacy, civic engagement and oppression.

Opening text: “This training manual was created by the Youth Alliance Project. It is designed for youth peer educators who want to facilitate youth training on gender-based violence from an anti-oppression framework, and on how a young person can advocate for change. Although it is geared towards youth in the City of Toronto, it can be adapted to youth who live in other locations. The training is most appropriate for youth over 15 years of age, who may already have some level of leadership, anti-violence, and/or anti-oppression skills and training, whether formal or informal. Please note that facilitators have to have existing knowledge of issues related to oppression, gender-based violence, and advocacy, for the training to be successfully implemented.”

Released: 2008

Length: 15 pages

Language: English

Funding provided by Canadian Women’s Foundation