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About the campaign

May Be Me is an annual campaign to raise awareness and funds to prevent violence against diverse women and youth. It’s for everyone who wants to join the movement to stop violence before it starts.

May Be Me was launched in 2012 to support METRAC’s work to prevent violence. Into the future, we hope to build on its success and branch out to benefit other charities that prevent violence, building a movement of diverse people who want to stop the violence before it starts.

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Join the movement now


Register online and choose how you’ll express yourself in purple on May Be Me Day (May 31). Register as an individual or join or create a team. Then use the easy online tools to raise awareness with friends and family and gather pledges. You don’t have to wait for the month of May – join and act now!


Donate directly to or sponsor someone involved in the campaign. You’ll receive a tax deductible receipt for donations over $20.

Come to our events

May Be Me events are held year-round to raise awareness and build support. Go to our event page for information about our upcoming events.

Host your own event

Host your own unique event to support the May Be Me Campaign! No event is too big or too small. You can do a:

  • bake sale at work or school
  • dinner or dessert party at your home (maybe serving purple food!)
  • movie screening or board game tournament in your home, building, place of worship, etc.
  • another event featuring your on skills, interests, hobbies or talents

You can include anyone in your life to participate. This includes fellow employees, groups and committees you’re a part of, friends, family members, neighbours, faith groups, sports teams and clubs.

Read more and register your event by using our Kit for Hosting Your Own Campaign Event (43 KB, PDF).

The cause

In Canada, one in two women will experience sexual or physical violence in their lifetimes. Youth, especially girls, are most at risk. Sexual harassment at school is a daily reality, and so is bullying based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Studies show that women and youth who face violence experience negative emotional, physical and mental impacts. They experience isolation, blame, fear and silencing. Indeed, violence can take away the freedom to express and truly be yourself.

May Be Me seeks to do the opposite of what violence does. It encourages people to express themselves. It breaks the silence that violence creates and builds the movement of people who want to stop violence against women and youth before it starts.

Why purple?

Purple ribbons have been used across the globe to raise awareness about domestic violence, bullying and homophobia. Purple is connected to International Women’s Day and various campaigns addressing the issue of violence against women and youth.

Purple People make it happen: results

  • ReAct is our peer youth program that creates opportunities for young people to challenge each other to prevent violence against women and youth. Funds raised by May Be Me helped
  • ReAct deliver violence prevention programming in local communities and distribute printed zines on justice for youth after violence.
  • May Be Me funds allowed us to conduct Safety Audits in neighbourhood spaces.
  • May Be Me funds helped us build release an Android phone version of our Not Your Baby app to help people deal with sexual harassment.
  • May Be Me funds helped us make the We All Have a Role Forum on sexual violence on April 26, 2013 accessible and helped us print handouts to give away.